Our Team

The Proofed team is made up of people from around the world who share a common goal: to deliver the best possible proofreading and editing services to our customers.

Our operations team keeps everything running smoothly by assigning documents to editors based on their specialisms, quality reviewing all work, and answering customer questions. Our business customer success team works to support our business partners with tailored editorial services. Our marketing team manages our messaging and website content. Finally, our tech team ensures that our systems are best-in-class so customers can upload documents with ease, anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about our team members by hovering your cursor over the profiles below.

Linda Operations Manager

Linda R

United Kingdom

Operations and People Manager

Linda heads our operations team and loves seeing her teams learn and grow.

And she’s learning to knit socks.

Tom Account Executive

Tom S

United Kingdom

Account Executive

Tom works with our business clients and loves learning more about their content goals.

And his specialist trivia subject is flags of the world.

Denise M, our customer support specialist

Denise M

United Kingdom

Customer Support Specialist

Denise is looks after our customers and loves talking to people from a wide range of backgrounds.

And she’s appeared on children’s TV.

Brandon D, our head of sales

Brandon D


Head of Sales

Brandon is responsible for all new business and loves when customers see us over deliver on their expectations.

And he loves to cook and wants to open a restaurant one day.

Hannah VdW, our editor support specialist

Hannah VdW

South Africa

Service Delivery Specialist

Hannah loves supporting editors to produce the best possible documents for our clients.

And she’s reading the Harry Potter series in Finnish!

Claire W, our editor support specialist

Claire W

United Kingdom

Editor Support Specialist

Claire ensures the delivery of high-quality work from the editing team and loves supporting editors to produce their best work.

And she used to work with orangutans.

Janelle K, our editor support specialist

Janelle K


Editor Support Specialist

Janelle keeps the document management process running smoothly and loves helping writers express themselves clearly.

And she enjoys listening to audiobooks while quilting.

Adam P, our editor support specialist

Adam P


Editor Support Specialist

Adam manages the queue and likes being able to help people with practical problems.

And he loves ancient history.

Amanda C, our Technical Delivery Manager

Amanda M

United States

VP of Operations

Amanda oversees service delivery and loves building relationships with her team.

And she bakes over a thousand cookies to give away every December.

Ben, our Service Delivery Manager

Ben D


Service Delivery Manager

Ben manages clients and loves running projects.

And he loves travelling and has lived on three continents.

Sherri-Ann, our Service Delivery Manager

Sherri-Ann D


Service Delivery Manager

Sherri-Ann manages business client projects and loves helping to build a strong, connected editing team.

And she loves camping and has driven across Canada.

Mary, our Service Delivery Manager

Mary G

United States

Service Delivery Manager

Mary manages business client projects and loves connecting with and developing our editing teams.

And she can play the ocarina.

Amelia O, our Technical Delivery Specialist

Amelia O

United Kingdom

Service Delivery Manager

Amelia builds our editing teams and loves delivering great results for clients.

And she loves country music.

Hannah N, our Technical Delivery Specialist

Hannah N

United Kingdom


Hannah engages in a variety of project work and loves helping new editors.

And she once accidentally walked up Table Mountain in flip flops.

Nicola, our designer

Nicola R



Nicola is our digital design expert, focused on user experience and loves creating in a multidisciplinary environment.

And she’s a major breakfast person.

Sing L our Data Analyst

Sing L

United Kingdom

Data Analyst

Sing designs business processes and enjoys being exposed to a variety of technologies.

And he can run 100 metres in under 11 seconds.

Callum C, our Marketing Manager

Callum C

United Kingdom

Marketing Manager

Callum oversees the marketing strategy and loves being part of a fast growing business.

And ketchup is the key component of his diet.

Hannah C

United Kingdom

B2B Marketing Specialist

Hannah leads our business marketing and growth initiatives.

And her first name is a palindrome.

Kiran C, our Co-Founder and COO

Kiran Chauhan

United Kingdom

Founder and COO

Kiran oversees operations, accounting and finance, and the team.

And he’s a wizard in Google Sheets and at whipping up Indian fare.

Adam Harvey CEO Proofed

Adam Harvey

United Kingdom

Founder and CEO

Adam looks after marketing, technology, and business development.

And he’s addicted to Slack almost as much as he is to chess.

William H, our board member

William Hannay

United States

Board Member

William supports on business development, partnerships, and growth strategy.

And he enjoys travel with friends, squash, and a good laugh.

Josh Pizzaro, our Board Member

Josh Pizzaro

United States

Board Member

Josh advises Proofed on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and technology.

And he enjoys catching waves as an amateur surfer.

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