How to Supercharge Your SEO Content With AI
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  • 30th November 2023

How to Supercharge Your SEO Content With AI

In such a crowded market, where 7.5 million new blogs are posted daily, standing out is vital. One of the best ways to do this is to have a defined SEO strategy for your content. This endeavor can be challenging and time-consuming, but AI can be especially helpful to your SEO efforts. In this blog, we discuss how you can supercharge your SEO content with AI so you can improve your visibility. 

Is SEO Important?

Visibility is of utmost importance for any type of content creation. You can create the most flawless content, but if no one else can find it, it’s worthless. SEO helps your website and content rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP), meaning more people can find and engage with your content. 

You might have heard that Google will penalize you for using AI to help with your content creation. We want to assure you that AI-generated content is not bad for your SEO efforts as long as you use it to enhance the quality of your content and not solely to pump out irrelevant and uninteresting copy. The rumor started when Google advocate John Mueller said Google would penalize anyone found using AI in their content. However, Google later clarified its position, saying that AI-assisted content was perfectly fine. 

In 2023, Google released its helpful content update, which aimed to improve search results and provide users with more useful and relevant content. Google clarified that AI could be helpful for SEO.

AI and SEO Content

With this information in mind, how can you use AI to supercharge your SEO content? Here are some ways to incorporate AI tools into your content creation process without entirely replacing yourself. 

ChatGPT for Idea Generation

We’ve spoken before about how important consistency is in content creation, so you need to come up with ideas regularly. ChatGPT is a great tool to help you create new ideas. Because it synthesizes massive amounts of content based on your prompt, ChatGPT might suggest an approach to a topic that you may not have thought about. It can help you create outlines for these ideas so you can start writing sooner. Bear in mind that ChatGPT is just one way you can generate content ideas, but you can find inspiration in many other ways.

AnswerThePublic for Keyword Research

Keyword research is another great way to come up with ideas. If you can see what your target audience is searching for, you can create content that addresses those requests. But having SEO include these keywords in your writing is also essential because they’re often the way users find your content. AnswerThePublic shows you the most common keywords for a particular topic so you can include them in your content. 

Write Yourself

We don’t recommend using AI to do the actual writing for you because, ultimately, humans are still much better than AI at creating content. However, like any other skill, writing takes practice. You’ll need to learn how to write a blog post and how to write with the customer in mind

Readable for Readability

Quality content is so important for your marketing efforts, and it should take precedence over anything else you do. But it’s important to make sure your content is as accessible as it can be. There has been a drive toward using plain English whenever possible so that people, regardless of their reading ability, can participate and engage with content. That’s where Readable can help. Readable offers feedback on how complicated your language is and provides alternatives to make the content more accessible. 

Rytr for Meta Descriptions and Social Media Posts

Meta descriptions are the small pieces of text that appear under the title on SERPs. To get the most out of your meta descriptions, you’ll want to include your most relevant keyword, which will boost your SEO. Rytr helps you craft meta descriptions with an adjustable tone to match your company brand. 

InLinks for Linking Strategy

Having a strong linking strategy using both internal and external links is an important part of SEO because Google uses these links to determine the structure of a website and whether the site provides content relevant to search results. InLinks helps users identify linking opportunities in their content by adding a line of code to their website. InLinks also has keyword research, content optimization, and social media tools, so this might be a useful tool in your efforts to speed up your content creation process


Although AI can assist you with content creation, it really is no replacement for a human touch. Any content needs editing, but editing AI-generated content is especially important to safeguard your reputation and protect you from embarrassing or damaging mistakes. Turning to another form of AI to help with this may be tempting, but AI just can’t understand the nuances of language yet. We put ChatGPT to the test and found that it often made incorrect suggestions with unreliable information. Hiring a professional to help you edit is always best.

Need Help With Your Editing and Proofreading?

And that’s where we come in. Proofed’s team of fully managed editors and proofreaders can help you create quality content that engages your audience. Find out how our AI editing services can do this. 

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Using AI to Generate Content?

Using AI to Generate Content?

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