How to Supercharge Content Quality and Save Time
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  • 8th April 2024

How to Supercharge Content Quality and Save Time

In a world where content is king, CopyPress gives their clients the tools to succeed. As a fractional content marketing company, CopyPress supplies bolt-on teams of expert writers, project managers, and creatives, equipped to scale content and build site authority for their clients. They specialize in crafting large volumes of content, laser focused on driving traffic, rankings, and revenue. Working with high-profile brands like Salesforce, McAfee, and Outbrain, CopyPress delivers smart content at scale with measurable results.


As CopyPress grew, they needed an editorial solution that guaranteed content quality at scale. Freelance editors struggled to keep pace with the evolving scope of work, particularly given CopyPress’ diverse client portfolio and their array of style guides. CopyPress found articles were being returned with inconsistencies and errors; and this led the internal team to spend excessive time on quality assurance, risking missed deadlines, and project delays. In typical domino effect, what started as an editorial issue quickly spread, limiting production capacity and compromising internal ops. As a result, scaling certain projects became challenging. CopyPress needed a new editorial solution that could handle their project’s complexities and guarantee quality at scale—and they needed it to slot seamlessly into their workflow. 


Enter Proofed. CopyPress first chose to partner with us due to our extensive experience internationally. We hand-picked an expert team of 45 fully-managed editors and reviewers, trained on CopyPress’ quality standards and their client style guides. We implemented fact-checking, guaranteeing content accuracy. And finally, we embedded quality-assurance processes, ensuring an ongoing improvement cycle. 

"Partnering with Proofed has been a game-changer for CopyPress. We now feel more confident about editing and fact-checking so we can take the burden off QA."


The collaboration was transformative. The pilot with us was so successful—eliminating errors and maximizing quality—the agency replaced their  entire editorial freelance function with a Proofed team. CopyPress fully incorporated Proofed into all existing workflows and processes, implementing an API integration with their in-house content portal, Dante—eliminating time-consuming content management between the two companies. Managed by our service delivery experts, the editorial process was invisible to CopyPress, running quietly and efficiently behind-the-scenes.

This partnership has enabled CopyPress to guarantee content quality and accuracy for their clients. Simultaneously, this has allowed CopyPress to save up to 90% in editorial management hours. On average, we edit and fact-check over 850 pieces of content (roughly 800,000 words) across 35 projects for CopyPress per month, with busy content seasons fluctuating to more than 1,200 pieces per month. Maintaining quality at these content volumes wouldn’t be possible without Proofed. To do so, CopyPress would have to waste precious team capacity on fact checking, quality assurance, and aligning to client style guides. With Proofed, CopyPress can scale, maintain bandwidth, and deliver quality content that drives traffic, rankings, and revenue. In short, everybody wins.

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