Noone or No One | Spelling Tips
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  • 5th September 2023

Noone or No One | Spelling Tips

It can be difficult sometimes to determine if a specific term or phrase is one word or two, such as with noone vs. no one. In this post, we’ll discuss which is the correct spelling and which is the spelling error, along with the definition, examples, and spelling tips.

What Does No One Mean?

Which is correct, noone or no one? No one is an indefinite pronoun meaning nobody, it’s used to refer to the absence of any particular person. For example:

No one was there when I arrived.

I lost my wallet, and no one could find it.

No one knows the answer to that question.

In these sentences, no one doesn’t refer to one specific person who isn’t there; it indicates that there’s nobody present or involved in these situations.

It can also mean “no single member of a particular group.” For example:

No one person can do every task.

No one player can claim credit for the success of this operation.

In these sentences, no one is used to emphasize that no single individual can be solely responsible for a particular outcome.

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The Error: Noone

As shown above, the correct spelling of the phrase is no one. Noone is a common misspelling of no one; it’s always incorrect and not a recognized word in standard English. For instance:

Noone is going to be at the restaurant.
No one is going to be at the restaurant.
I planned a party, and noone came.
I planned a party, and no one came.

“No One” Spelling Tips

One way to remember how to spell no one is to imagine it as two distinct words separated by a single space. Since no one means no person, think of it as no plus person.

It can also help to remember that as no one is two separate words, there is no need to use a hyphen. For example:

No-one finished the book report.
No one finished the book report.

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