What Is a Content Editor?
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  • 4th April 2024

What Is a Content Editor?

Are you interested in learning more about the role of a content editor and the benefits of using one for your writing? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we cover everything you need to know about content editing, including the skills you need to do the job. 

What Is Content Editing?

A content editor is responsible for reviewing and refining the written content of a publication (e.g., a novel, manuscript, or business report) or website. Content editors can be freelancers juggling multiple individual or business clients, or they can be directly employed full-time or part-time by companies. Although the daily tasks of a content editor will vary based on the client or organization they work for, some of their key responsibilities include:

  • Performing developmental editing (the first stage of the editing process, which focuses on the overall structure of the content)
  • Ensuring the content has a clear message and uses a consistent tone of voice 
  • Checking that the content reflects the required brand voice guidelines
  • Optimizing web content for SEO (e.g., implementing keywords and adding headings and subheadings to improve the scannability of the content)
  • Collaborating with copywriters and marketers (especially for business content)
  • Fact-checking and verifying claims 
  • Localizing the writing and dialect to reflect the target audience

As they work, content editors also check surface-level issues, such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but this is primarily done during the proofreading stage

What Are the Benefits of Using a Content Editor?

Using a content editor has many benefits, no matter what kind of content you’re creating. Content editors improve the overall quality and readability of the writing, resulting in a polished and professional piece. Editing your own writing effectively can be difficult, so a content editor provides somewhat of an objective perspective and a fresh pair of eyes on the content. They can evaluate the copy to ensure it effectively conveys your main points and relates to your intended readers – whether you’re writing for a general or a niche audience

Content editors can also vastly improve the quality of AI-generated writing. Although AI writing tools can be useful for producing a large amount of content in a relatively short time, the content can be somewhat repetitive, monotonous, and inaccurate. A content editor can refine and humanize AI content so it better engages your readers. This combination gives you all the benefits offered by AI writing tools and by real human professional editors. 

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How Do I Become a Content Editor?

As long as content is being produced, content editing will be an in-demand skill. If a content editor career sounds appealing to you, you can take a few steps:

  • Learn about different content types (e.g., academic articles, business content, medical writing) and the steps involved in their creation
  • Study common SEO techniques
  • Enroll in a relevant editing course or take advantage of professional development opportunities
  • Join a professional society to network with professional editors

Also, consider creating an online portfolio or website to get the word out about your services or use social media sites, such as Instagram or LinkedIn, to search for opportunities and connect with potential clients.

Copyediting Services

Professional editing is the finishing touch your content needs to make a lasting impact on your readers. Whether you’re writing a novel or using AI writing tools to generate business content, let our team of experts take care of editing for you. Ready to learn more? Upload your free sample of 500 words or less and see the results for yourself. 

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