How Blue Marble Slashed Editorial Costs By 30%

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Blue Marble is a leader in educational play for children. Its mission is to create quality STEM toys to help children do what they do best: learn through play. These award-winning toys for brands such as National Geographic, Blockaroo, NASA, and Dr. Cool line some of the best toy shelves across the globe.

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The Challenge

With written content being a core part of Blue Marble’s production, the company was already working with an external editorial team, but they simply weren’t hitting the mark – neither for price nor performance. The service was expensive and slow, and mistakes were becoming the norm, which meant that some of the content failed when it came to lab reviews.

These lab test failures were costly, not only because of their impact on resources but also because they strained Blue Marble’s reputation and relationships with retailers. Blue Marble was frustrated with: 

  • Overpriced and unreliable editorial services
  • Careless mistakes
  • A lack of partnership
  • A long turnaround time for editorial work

“With Proofed's competitive pricing and rapid turnaround, we've been able to meet more quick-turn opportunities and have incorporated proofreading into our workflow, resulting in better products for our customers and also helping to educate our creative team."

The Solution

When Blue Marble came to Proofed, it needed a service that would strengthen its bottom line, reputation, and processes. And it had to be delivered fast.

Blue Marble had a potential new deal at its fingertips and needed help quickly to meet the production deadline. Proofed began the onboarding process immediately and arranged for a team of editors to work hard at successfully meeting the deadline.

The first step was to create an in-depth style guide to eradicate errors and standardize Blue Marble’s brand voice across the different territories it was breaking into at the time. This dramatically reduced the lengthy back and forth between designers and editors.

Proofed has since implemented robust processes with round-the-clock support for Blue Marble’s content team, making collaboration much easier for everyone.

Most importantly though, having repeatedly proven our dedication to Blue Marble’s success, Proofed has been made a trusted partner. This two-way street of trust has allowed creativity to flourish and has produced fantastic results.

“Thanks to Proofed, we actively receive compliments on the accuracy of our work, greatly improving our reputation. It's been wonderful!”."

The Result

With a dedicated team of editors, a streamlined production process, and a style guide to align everyone on the content, design, and collaboration, Proofed has been able to decrease content turnaround time by a game-changing two days.

During this crucial time for Blue Marble’s growth, speeding up turnaround time for editorial work has allowed content production to be scaled up seamlessly.

Blue Marble’s team has reported that its total editorial costs have been reduced by an enormous 30%. And with written content being such a large part of the business, that statistic has an undeniable impact on its ability to grow.

Proving our dedication to the company’s success, Blue Marble has given the Proofed team its full trust, making them an extension of the in-house team.

Blue Marble’s Senior Project Manager, Kristen Steele, has said she’s 100% happy with her experience with Proofed from start to finish. “I deeply appreciate how much Proofed values our partnership, and they continually go above and beyond to help our company’s success.”

And the feeling’s mutual. The Proofed team has loved every second of partnering with Blue Marble.

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