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  • 23rd March 2023

Proofed Launches Brand New Knowledge Hub!

How do you get 100 editors to make more than one million words of content per month sound as if it comes from one unified brand voice?

We figured out the secret, and we’re sharing it with the world as we officially launch our new Knowledge Hub! Whether you’re looking for guidance on hiring and managing editors or you want to find checklists, worksheets, or templates to help train your editing team, you can now find hundreds of useful resources at proofed.com/knowledge-hub.

Our service delivery managers are experts at putting together dynamic teams of editors for our enterprise clients. Our teams fine-tune style guides and deliver world-class training to ensure that each piece of content is concise and returned error-free, with a singular tone of voice. It’s no simple task, so we jumped at the chance to pick our team members’ brains and share their secrets with the world.

Offering free access to anyone, our Knowledge Hub is invaluable not just for editorial directors and content teams but also for freelance editors, who can access the same training materials our own editors use to improve their skills. Save our official proofreading checklist, read our guide on editing research papers, or check out our big list of the 15 most common errors by non-native writers.

Central to the success of this initiative was the launch of Proofed Pods in summer 2022, a scheme that allowed individuals from across our core teams to collaborate on side projects distinct from their day-to-day work. The Pods greatly improved communication between teams and developed the idea that we could harness internal training materials – from style guides to Slack conversations – to build a world-class editorial resource hub.

Hannah, our content marketing specialist, said:

We’ve got so many editing experts in this team, whether it be on the intricacies of OSCOLA referencing or how to compile style guides of 30+ pages that actually get followed. It’s invaluable knowledge that deserves to be shared, and I know it will be a real benefit to content teams and freelance editors.

In the long term, we hope to continue to “operationalize” our content and build a robust content ecosystem. By tapping into our teams’ collective knowledge, we’ll gain:

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–   A continuous stream of high-quality content

–   A solid content repurposing framework

–   Stronger briefs for our writers

–   Better collaborations and engagement across teams

–   Branded, accessible training guides for our editors

–   Improved thought leadership and authority in our space

A big thank you goes out to our service delivery and editor support teams for letting us peek into their processes. We’ve got lots more resources going out over the coming weeks – from editing checklists and quizzes to formatting templates, so watch this space. And if you would like to learn more about our Knowledge Hub or services, contact info@proofed.com.

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